Where does all the money remittances sent to Cuba being used?

The US President Barack Obama and his government, removed the limits on money transfers to Cuba, thus enabling the rise of private companies use product can be given to personal remittances, by different users receiving the consignment.

Even for the date citizens of the United States can not make investments in Cuba, but the dollars are sent through remittances of a personal nature enable the growth of small businesses or small businesses on the island, designed to generate capital through these.

Some businesses that have recently formed product of this situation are or sales Cafes specific types of foods, in some other house. Although for the money to arrive in bulk and all citizens, it is necessary that the economic blockade was finally lifted.

It is estimated that by the year 2016 the economy in Cuba is increased with a percentage a little higher than what happened for the year 2,015. To study these effects, Inter-American Dialogue, which is a center of studies related to these topics sending money, and headquartered in Washington, determined that approximately 550,000 people sent in the course of a year an estimated 1,250 $ each, equivalent to about 770 million dollars a year.

Although in relation to this figure, the Deputy Economic Commission for Latin America of the United Nations, emphasizes that this figure is still much higher than the estimated. Thus experts predict that in the coming years, this figure tends to double or increase much more, considering that could increase to over 1,000 million dollars.

An example of this is what is happening with transfers made by the company Western Union, which led to restrictions recently lifted the Government of the United States, the figures for transfers have grown steadily, as stated O Almeida executive Vice President for America and the European Union.

Accordingly, the money sent remittances product could categorically help many small businesses on the island, distributed between the existing and new small businesses emerging product of this opportunity. Because many opportunities are opening up there’s more envios de dinero a cuba being made than ever before.

Among the businesses that have high possibility of being exploited by the Cuban citizens are restaurants, inns and shops, is committed mainly to tourism; It is the most lucrative and permission to operate within the island. Although times, small businesses that have emerged only generate income to survive.

Cubans benefits Swiss company

The benefits are specifically scoped the area of health and diagnostics are approximately 3,000 Cubans who benefit through medical teams of the Swiss company Roche.

Most users are benefiting patients and attendants Surgical Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital, which assist to conduct studies with high-tech equipment in diagnostic and sampling the human body.

The number of patients served daily in the laboratory area are approximately 500 people and was announced by the Product Manager for Brand branch in Nicaragua and Cuba, Gustavo Padin.

Tests are performed in a high-tech machine and large including so-called “centralized”, which handle large numbers of samples, may be about 600 per hour.

The company Roche is of French origin and has over one hundred years of existence; for his career and time to market it is one of the pioneers in different medical advances and new and improved technologies, specifically in the areas of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics; and since 2014 is working in Cuba, bringing all their knowledge and progress as well as applications and diagnostics to the inhabitants of the island. The representative of the brand on the island, Gustavo Padin said his participation and acceptance in Cuba have been very positive.

Roche Products brand was one of the entities in the sector of Health and pharmacy that made an appearance at the fair and exhibition related to the “International Symposium on Laboratory Accreditation” which was held in Havana.

In this exhibition other countries such as Mexico and Spain also participated. This exhibition was held at the Palace of Conventions.

In this way Cuba has benefited from the company of French origin, specifically in the area of health and diagnosis, benefiting from their developments and technological applications, the various inhabitants of the island, specifically in the area of Havana, where he has been extend this benefit. Learn more by visiting todocuba.org

In-Pietra, a great marketing example

I found this great video while researching something on YouTube and wanted to share it with you guys mainly because it shows what a marketing video should be in order to drive traffic, to learn more watch the video below.

How to make your room POP!

If the ceiling is high, a high header visibly helps balance the size. If your bedroom is large, elegant furniture that would suit the room. Add a chair or cabinet, at the end of the bed. Furniture and accessories that are too small will be lost in a large room.

Add storage to add to the sense of serenity of a room, keep stuff out of sight. The room will seem more quiet and spacious.


Choose a roomy bedside table with drawers or doors behind which you can hide books, lotion, and reading glasses close at hand but out of sight. For more storage, choose a table skirt or a small dresser drawers. Use a trunk or a storage bank at the foot of bed to store extra sheets, blankets and pillows. Easily accessible for books and accessories, use a header with built shelves or 3d wallcoverings.

Outfit your bedroom with beautiful and luxurious fabrics. Nothing says comfort like a beautiful bedroom linens. Do not buy sheets that are less than 100 percent cotton or linen with high thread count of 350 or more.
Add fabrics through the room with a soft cashmere on the arm of a chair reading, cover the walls with silk, silk curtains hang or silk canopy bed, or add plush on the floor.

A nice window curtain and view will be nice you can also add color, patterns, texture and softness to a bedroom. They also serve for privacy during the night and morning to block the light, that if the fabrics of the curtains and blinds should be opaque to keep covered the sun wants to sleep late.

Learning to mix like a professional DJ

The first thing to understand to become dj is the basic structure of a mixture. Therefore, in this article I will show you the exact steps you need to take to mix like a pro. These are tips based on recommendations and things I learn while taking a dj course from the islands dj a very popular dj here where I live.

1. Decide what follows:

When a track is playing the DJ must decide which track is as follows; for this must take into account what emotional state is public and what music you like, the DJ should be very careful in the order in which you place the tracks to keep the energy all the time.

2. Detect BPM:

For two tracks can be mixed, its rhythms must be fully engaged. The rhythm of a track is given by the sound of percussion, this is measured in BPM and like all tracks do not have peers rhythms work of a DJ it is to detect this harmonic pattern in the track that is playing and synchronize with that still using the pitch command.

3. Match the BPM:

Once the Dj fails to detect the BPM of each track must use the Pre-listen button and Pitch (Button Manager to edit the playback speed) to match them. This little trick is often used in wedding dj naples to hype up the crowd.

4. Decide the time to start mixing:

This point is very important as this the dj have synchronized the BPM, does not understand the musical structure will not enter the mix at the right time and therefore confuse the public and listeners are accustomed to hearing the tracks following this pattern. A track of any gender unfolds governed by a common musical structure in all, so the dj should get used to split the track in this structure consisting of segments called sub compasses and phrases. Therefore the track goes in must follow this pattern.

What I learned from working with marble

Marble is a beautiful and noble stone. It helps keep it clean and it offers amazing durability. The first thing to know is that this material is very porous, so it absorbs stains easily, but at the same time gives us the benefit that often emerge successful if you act promptly. In this article I’m going to share some useful tips I learned on how to clean marble the right way.

The most widely used method for cleaning the marble is very simple; consistent cleaning and of course avoiding putting hot items on it’s surface. For the marble to retains its original qualities, you just have to pay attention to these simple tips. I bought my marble from marmol west palm beach  and they gave me a few tips that I would like to share with you today.

Dusting furniture or marble floors frequently.
Always clean the surfaces with a sponge soaked in water and detergent. Rinse well and dry.
Avoid frequent use of lemon and vinegar.
Do not use abrasive cleaners.
Never mix bleach (bleach) with ammonia, as it is a very toxic mix, sponge or cloth soaked in a mixture of soap and water.


Often, you have to clean it with a mixture of water and cleaner. When dry, you wipe with a cloth and pushing hard to recover the lost luster. Occasionally you have to scrub the surface of opaque board with water and vinegar. Another option is to use an all-purpose cleaner or a specific polish to preserve this material.

Digital marketing, how it changed in 2015

Digital marketing is changing and evolving on a DAILY basis, is growing faster than anyone could have predicted and the main reason is because of the mobile boom. With more and more smart phones out there is no secret why every COMPANY is jumping into the digital and mobile marketing industry.

More and more business owners are understanding that if they want to compete and succeed not only do they need to be online but they need to be utilizing every platform possible to attract customers.

The days of having an ugly website and that’s it are over.

These days you need a responsive, optimized website that can be accessed from every mobile device, in fact if you don’t have one Google will punish you for it. The better optimized your website for mobile devices the better search rankings you could have.

The video below will explain the whole point on why this mobile marketing and digital trend is not going anywhere, in fact is expected to to double every year and expand massively over the next 20 years because technology will continue to expand and as the internet arrives at different points in the world more people will be connected that ever before.

Here’s the video:

Be sure that you understand why digital marketing is an important part of any business, if you are not doing it already then what are you waiting for. Take charge and go out there to dominate your space and niche.