A Product Review of Designer Imposters Goddess Fragrance Deodorant Body Spray

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I love trying new and different perfumes and fragrances so, when I spotted Designer Imposters Goddess Fragrance Deodorant Body Spray, I was intrigued. I liked the creative name of this exciting new product and I also loved the low price of it. I decided to purchase this fragrance and try it out. Here is what I discovered!
I discovered Designer Imposters Goddess Fragrance Deodorant Body Spray while shopping at my local Rite Aid Drug Store. This product was grouped among many, many other different Designer Imposter fragrances. There was such a large choice, I had fun spraying and trying on many different scents before I tried out goddess body spray. Designer Imposters fragrance body sprays imitate the scents of many expensive designer perfumes. Surprisingly, to me, for the cost of this product, they do the perfume imitations quite well! I even like some Designer Imposter fragrance body sprays better than the more expensive perfumes that they imitate. That is fantastic and it really helps my beauty budget out.

If you are familiar with Vera Wang perfume, you most likely have heard of and smelled Princess perfume before. It is a very popular scent and it is truly lovely. Designer Imposters Goddess Fragrance Deodorant Body Spray imitates Vera Wang Princess perfume with amazing style. I loved the name goddess and it suits this product very, very well. Goddess is formulated with costly and rare essences usually only used in more expensive perfumes! This scent is soft, floral, very feminine, sexy, sweet and seductive. Whew. It is heavenly and It is one of my all time favorite Designer Imposters scents. I love this product! It’s fragrance lasts a very long time and that is a fact that I adore about this body spray. It really is just like using an expensive designer fragrance, in my opinion. The lingering and lasting scent delights and only gets better with wear.

Designer Imposters Goddess Fragrance Deodorant Body Spray has an edge over most perfumes, in my opinion. It is clean and very fresh smelling and it also provides me with a wonderful deodorant body spray protectiveness that I enjoy. This is a confident, head turning and sexy scent that is unforgettable. When you smell it, you will know what I mean. Now, for the most exciting fact about this product. It is very affordable and budget friendly! I purchased a two and one half ounce spray bottle of this product for under four dollars. This scent is so long lasting, it does not take much of this spray to perfectly scent me for the day. I have had the bottle for over a month and it is just under half full. Another thing that I like about this product is that when I spray it, it lingers not only on me but, in the room that I sprayed it in. It really smells great and this product has exceeded my expectations. I have had many compliments on this fragrance and for a body spay, that is fantastic!

I rate Designer Imposters Goddess Fragrance Deodorant Body Spray five stars out of five stars. This product is perfect and I could not ask for more from a body spray. It is indeed just like wearing designer perfume. I do feel like a goddess while wearing this body spray. You can find this product in Rite Aid, Walgreens and many other places that you may shop at, including online. This product is made in the USA and it is a great buy, in my opinion. I will be purchasing this beauty product again. I enjoyed trying and reviewing this body spray very much. One thing that I must add is that this product did spark my interest in Vera Wang perfume and that can only be a good thing for them. It is a true compliment to the designer fragrance, I think. This Designer Imposter fragrance is a winner!


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English Cottage Garden Design for Beginners

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For the flower gardening enthusiast, an English garden is a view of landscaping heaven. With little or no grass, the yard is an abundance of flowers sometimes tall enough to hide a precocious child. Varying height blooms of reds, yellow, blue, pink, lavender or orange create a rainbow colour explosion. To augment the landscape design, add garden features such as a winding walkway or a gazing ball almost hidden by flowers and foliage. Your English cottage garden project may be a small grouping of flowers or include landscaping structures, outdoor furniture or lawn ornaments.

Vertical Landscaping Structures
A trellis, arbour or pergola adds height to the garden. These landscape structures provide support for climbing plants. Secure a flower trellis to the side of a structure, like the house or garage. Place three trellis side-by-side for added impact that can also disguise an unpleasant view. Place an arbour at the entrance to the flower garden or across the walkway within the garden to create a destination shaded by the flowers growing overhead. A pergola over a patio creates a room-like affect in the garden. Climbing plant options for vertical landscape structures include: Chinese wisteria (Wisteria sinensis), blue passionflower (Passiflora caerulea), trumpet vine (Campsis x tagliabauana, wedding day rambling rose (Rosa e.g.), or perennial pea (Lathyrus latifolius).

Horizontal Landscaping Structures
Install a series of trellis horizontally on a wall for a band of colour. Leave the trellis with no plantings or painted in a bright colour like blue or yellow to make a statement in the garden. Flowering plants, like those listed under “vertical landscaping structures” (above), are an option for the trellis. Another option for the trellis is non-flowering veining plants like evergreen English ivy (Hedera helix). A wood rail or white picket fence is typical in English garden landscape design. Flowers may almost block the fence from view. To get the best value, choose a perennial plant like peony (Paeonia hybrids) or purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) for a sunny location or astilbe (Astilbe x arensdsii) or Siberian iris (Iris sibirica) for a shady location. Every three to four years, dig up the perennials and divide them to create more plants. Add other flower varieties of varying heights to create waves of colour.

Outdoor Furniture and Lawn Ornaments
A single outdoor chair is suitable but why not have two or more chairs to enjoy your cottage flower garden with friends? The style of chair may be antique or rustic looking and may be made of wood, metal, wicker or synthetic materials that look like wood or wicker. Alternatively, consider a solitude stone bench for quiet contemplation. Highly scented flowers like roses or lavender are ideal plantings near a seating area.

Toss whimsy into the landscape design by adding lawn ornaments such as a gazing ball or garden gnome. Place the lawn ornament partially hidden within the flowers. Other options for garden decoration may include birdbath, birdhouse, obelisk, statue, specialized stepping stones, or lighting for nighttimes enjoyment.

Planting Concepts
Most any flower or herb you like can be a part of your cottage garden landscape design. Choose annual or perennial plants suitable in your area such as those available from local home and garden centres. Shrubs and small trees, including fruit trees, are also included in cottage garden design. The key is to repeat groupings of flower colours throughout the garden.

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Design a Home that Stays Cool During the Summer

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When designing a new home, it is a good idea to go with open floor plans and to avoid the traditional long hallways. By doing this, circulation of air is promoted and the entire house will have a better chance at staying at one cool temperature. Installing ventilation fans from the kitchen above the stove and in the bathroom is a good way to keep hot air from sitting around. To remove the hot air collected in the house, install an attic fan, if the design includes an attic.
Another thing to do is to properly insulate the attic. Many people think that insulation is to keep the house warm. While this is true, it also acts as a way to keep the house cool. To say that a home is well insulated, there should be at least eight inches of insulation in the ceiling or attic. When installing fibreglass insulation, make sure that dust masks, eye protection and gloves are worn.

Figure out which side of the house gets the most hours of sunlight and design the home to have fewer windows on that side. Whatever windows are installed, they should be double-paned windows. The extra thick windows act as insulation, keeping cool air in during the summer and keeping warm air in during the winter. The double insulated windows cost more, but the savings in energy costs will more than pay for it. Make sure that the windows are properly placed in the room in order to maximize airflow.

Also, you should also think about the landscape. Plant some shade trees on the side of the house that will get most of the sun. You will need to think ahead on this decision though. If there is a chance that solar panels will be installed, having the shade trees blocking the rays of the sun would not be a good idea.

Figure out which direction the wind generally hits, you can plan a small pond on that side of the house. The wind skimming over the water will help to cool down the house when the windows are open. You will see in the end that all of the effort with worth it. You will be kept cool and you will save a lot of money on your energy bill.

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Basic Feng Shui Landscape and Garden Design

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Does the concept of an ancient art dedicated to increasing prosperity and health through home design intrigue you? If you answered it does, you’re not alone. A choice long popular in the West for home and landscape design, Feng Shui has its roots deep within Chinese culture. During my research, however, I found that the exact timing of its conception is widely disputed.
It is thought that the art is at least several thousand of years old, as stated on the site Circle-of-Light.com, and has likely existed in thought and practice long before the methods were ever scribed. The ideas reflected in Feng Shui (defined by reddawn.com as literally meaning “wind and water”) are balance, respect for the Earth, and a belief in the power to control one’s destiny through one’s environment.

Chi, or energy, is directed into, through, and out of your area based on orientation, colour schemes, and symbolism. In landscape design, the average homeowner can employ several of these Feng Shui techniques with relative ease. It helps to begin knowing that mountains, flowing water, and plant life are all important aspects in Feng Shui design.

Now, while you can’t create a mountain in your backyard, you can recreate the effect. Raised garden beds, large rocks, or bold shrubbery can all symbolize a mighty mountain. And running water? How about a free-standing, easily-installed water feature like a fountain or pond, or even a simple bird-bath? Whatever you choose, always keep it clean and functioning for maximum Feng Shui impact!

You can take the symbolism a step further, and lessen your maintenance burden, by leaving the water out altogether, and simply alluding to it by creating a “river of stone”. A simple, winding trench sunken in a foot and filled with crushed rock or polished stone can mimic a lazy river beautifully.

Utilize colourful flowers and lush greenery near your ‘mountains’ and ‘water’, to boost Chi and encourage prosperity and good health. Colours have meaning in Feng Shui design, and should be applied in certain areas. In the far-left corner of your garden, your ‘wealth’ area, you will want to have a splash of red, which symbolizes good luck and financial gain. Red also helps in the romance department, which is oriented in the far-right area of your garden or space. For more in-depth information on orientation and placement in Feng Shui, visit this site.

Orange represents strengthened conversation, improved purpose and organization, and thus would be perfect along pathways. Pathways which are curved help ‘contain’ the Chi provided by the colourful flowers, and allow it to linger and circulate. For a more detailed list of colour meanings, visit this site.

Employ several textures and varied heights in your Feng Shui space, as this not only adds interest, but allows better Chi to develop and linger. Use trees, shrubs, water features, rockscaping, gardens, and items such as benches, archways, and trellises. Keep it a balanced space, but incorporate as much variety as possible, and you will have a fabulous space that may even help you prosper!

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Category Editor Home Improvement, Gardening, Decorating and Design

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As a category editor, I as well as many others have the task of selecting ten articles to feature on the category page and one of the subcategory pages. For example, in the Home Improvement category there are two subcategories, one is gardening, and the other is Decorating and Design. The task of selecting articles is not an easy task. I am looking for quality content that fits into the right category. Content that is relevant to readers. Mainly, content that is well written. The difficulty in selecting the pieces lies in a few of the required guidelines. All selected pieces must contain an image. If an image is not already provided, the Category Editor must find an image and provide a link to the image. Naturally, this extra step will undoubtedly eliminate quality articles simply because they do not have an image associated with them. I and most other category editors have stated that we will look past the lack of an image and try to include quality articles that lack images and provide an image for the writer. However, as a writer, you will have a stronger chance of being featured if you do include an image.

Another difficulty lies in selecting an article that actually fits into the category. Many articles are categorized wrongly by either the author or Associated Content. Several articles that I have comes across do not belong in the category that they have been placed in. My advice, review your articles make sure they are in the correct category. You can also learn piano online. If they are not, contact AC to have them moved, or if it is a non upfront payment piece, go back and move them yourself.

Finally, the title must be easily searchable according to AC. Keep the titles simples and to the point. AC wants the title to follow SEO guidelines. In truthfulness, catchy titles may sound good but plain simple title usually get more page views and hence more readership. Making a few simple change to your articles will greatly enhance you chance of getting selecting for featured content.

Category Editors are on a revolving status. For example, one home improvement category editor selects pieces to feature this week and a different home improvement editor selects pieces to feature next week. But we are all looking for quality pieces of writing all of the time. Occasionally I find myself reading great, meaningful articles that would definitely be featured content worthy, only to dismiss the article for too many spelling errors. We cannot correct errors, so double check your writing to make sure that is correct.

In general, this article is just a brief guideline designed to help great writers have additional success on AC. I want to feature everyone’s content that is worthy to be featured. There are so many writers, that the task becomes difficult. Make your writing stand out, cover a unique topic, write articles that are timeless, and write with a passion. I look forward to featuring great content producers every time that I get the opportunity to. Please comment on this article with any questions or possible suggestions for featured content.

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